February 2018 Solar Eclipse

Isn’t it funny how your time can show up and not be how you thought it would come? With this month’s solar eclipse in Aquarius we’re invited to get right with ourselves. How that plays out is ultimately what is needed no matter how it looks. Whether you bring out that...

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Lunar Eclipse Triple Threat

The first eclipse of the year is live and in color. Look for it to be a factor through the end of April. Typically, there are four a year. Two are lunar, when the Moon is obscured by the shadow of the Earth and visible everywhere on the Earth’s surface simultaneously....

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January 2018 Full Supermoon

With six planets in Cardinal self-starting, action initiating leadership signs this full moon period invites you to go for it. But do it in a way that shows you’re in command with what you’re doing. What had commenced at the new moon is now at its fullest point of...

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