February 2018 Solar Eclipse

February 2018 Solar Eclipse

Isn’t it funny how your time can show up and not be how you thought it would come? With this month’s solar eclipse in Aquarius we’re invited to get right with ourselves. How that plays out is ultimately what is needed no matter how it looks.

Whether you bring out that freak flag and let it fly in a this-is-me fashion or just follow what you know to be right this eclipse can support more authentic being. Look to what planet or house it is contacting in your chart to know what part of you or area of your life is up for renewal now.

This may challenge you into uncomfortable inner territory. Centuries ago eclipses portend evil and crisis. There is still something to the crisis description. Solar eclipses are inviting us to begin anew, to step up our game in how we’re operating. We may know that’s needed and rise to the opportunity. We may also resist. Therein lies the reason for a crisis experience.

If you have planets at 27 degrees or within five degrees on either side in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio you are having a pretty immediate experience through end of April. In Gemini and Libra you want this and are ready. Aries and Sagittarius the opportunity to benefit is there but you must work for it. In Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer a big adjustment is needed to see the bigger picture and move forward.

Watch current events.

In one of the most used astrological charts for the United States the moon is exactly 27 degrees Aquarius. That this eclipse falls exactly on it is highly significant. Watch how the sentiment of the people shifts. What it shifts to will be about moving beyond the current gridlock stasis in our leadership however that plays out. Look to what the Senate does to be the make or break on the House’s actions.

When Aquarius is up its always about individual freedom, equality, pushing back against restriction and owning your uniqueness. Aquarius is also extreme and secretive. It is the sign of the iconoclast, the rebel, the anarchist. Choose your label. The end result is the same, to look beyond the boundaries, see with different eyes, refuse to have a failure of imagination. Remember the sage advice Morpheus gave Neo in the Matrix, “free your mind”. Picking up on that, En Vogue offers the refrain, “…and the rest will follow.”

Fitting advice for how to benefit from this celestial invitation.


Lunar Eclipse Triple Threat

Lunar Eclipse Triple Threat

The first eclipse of the year is live and in color. Look for it to be a factor through the end of April.

Typically, there are four a year. Two are lunar, when the Moon is obscured by the shadow of the Earth and visible everywhere on the Earth’s surface simultaneously. Solar eclipses occur when the shadow of the Moon passes across the surface of the Earth. This year we have five eclipses: two in Leo, two in Aquarius and one in Cancer.

Two of the lunar are total, the strongest type of eclipse. Of particular note this year is the mouthful occurring on January 31st. It’s a triple threat, blue, super and a total eclipse.

To unpack let’s start with what a blue moon is. It always refers to full versus new. Within the calendar year there is typically one full moon per month giving us 3 full moons in a 3-month quarter period. For a blue moon to occur there will be 4 full moons within a quarter. One of the extra full moons is designated “blue” and is the 2nd one occurring within a month.

Next, this eclipse is also a super moon. An astrological term referencing the moon’s proximity to Earth in its orbit. The astronomical references for its nearest and farthest points are perigee and apogee.

To go deeper keep in mind the number nineteen. It’s significant when we’re talking Moon cycles beyond the monthly one. Every nineteen years (235 lunar months or full moon to full moon) it occurs at or near the same degree as nineteen years prior. On January 31, 1999 there was a full moon at 11 degrees Leo. On January 31st, 2037 there will be another total lunar eclipse around the same degree.


What does it mean?

Nothing. Unless you have planets, the Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-heaven, or Nadir at 11 degrees or within 5 degrees on either side.

Should you do, consider the question its posing to what it’s in contact with in your birth chart. What is it time to let go of in the area being affected? Whatever it is the eclipse is telling you you’ve gotten the most you’ll get out of the current experience. In order for you to grow you’ve got to let go of it or how you are being in relation to it literally, figuratively, for true personal growth to flourish.

There’s an interesting correlation between the level of crisis in one’s personal life and the timing of super moons. In addition, the moon will be contacting Regulus a prominent star in the constellation of Leo. Regulus refers to success but only if revenge is avoided. With this also a total lunar eclipse bold that and use a heavy underline for the word crisis.

We have a great example occurring around the U.S. President and the Russia investigation. We are on the brink of a constitutional crisis as a result of his actions and the dysfunctional behavior of congress. The president’s Pluto, representing death, rebirth, transformation, power and empowerment, in 12th house has many meanings but in a phrase, he tends to create intense, extreme situations that bring losses and self-destruction in a veneer of victimization.

How you may be affected

Generally, in the sign of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus it may be challenging to be open to the question of what you’re willing to let go of. In Aries and Sagittarius, you are so ready where it is occurring in your chart. In Gemini and Libra, it’s yours if you do what’s needed to claim it. Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer planets need to adjust to accommodate the unexpected path it brings forth.

The Leo eclipse high road is about being true-to-heart, creative, playful, determined, passionate, willful and representing the heart’s desire to be seen. Show your love and you’ll receive it back in abundance.

January 2018 Full Supermoon

January 2018 Full Supermoon

With six planets in Cardinal self-starting, action initiating leadership signs this full moon period invites you to go for it. But do it in a way that shows you’re in command with what you’re doing.

What had commenced at the new moon is now at its fullest point of experience. Occurring in the Cardinal water sign Cancer it’s as if the question to us all is; will we take what we now know and create more emotional maturity, responsibility and security from it?

That this is also a Super Moon, closest to the earth than at any other time in its monthly orbit, suggesting a more personal and intensified experience around feelings, emotions, family, children, babies, home for those whose natal planets are affected by this full moon.

This chart has four planets in Capricorn; Saturn, Venus, Sun and Pluto. Forward motion is powered by the Saturnian willingness to do the hard work required to stay committed through the inevitable challenges that will arise in just living life doing our work and relating to others. Venus’s desire to attract the circumstances that secure tangible achievement and enhanced worth is for the satisfaction successful relationship brings. Capricorn Sun is focused on self-identification and increased respect from ambitious achievement. All approaching Pluto’s focus on transformational empowerment – how we overcome our demons to manifest what we want and recreate the external structures and environment within which we are working to do that in.

Having these heavy weight planets anchoring us into an impersonal, serious, strategic Capricorn mindset is modified by the full moon in Cancer. Cancer’s realm of home, family and feelings is really the focus and antidote needed here. Cancer’s focus can give nourishment and emotional satisfaction to support Capricorn’s focus. What is needed is the understanding that to use this energy to creatively make space for both is fulfilling and ultimately necessary to Capricorn’s cause and Cancer’s security.

Cancer moon receives support from Neptune’s beneficial relating depersonalizing feelings so emotional sensitivity can be more objective allying with Capricorn’s more controlled serious presentation.

A good way to generally work with the lunar eclipses is to recognize one is looking at two ends of a spectrum of expression. The full moon is the yin expression to the Sun’s yang expression. Capricorn Sun is the father parental figure and public focus of our self-expression. Cancer Moon is the mother parental figure and personal focus of our self-expression. Both are creating, instructing, supporting and manifesting. Used to consciously balance the other from a wholistic approach both benefit for mutual achievement.


How To Love A Retrograde Venus

How To Love A Retrograde Venus

My natal Venus is retrograde.

I used to be ashamed to admit I’m an astrologer and I still didn’t get her. I knew she was the go-to planet to begin comprehending one’s relationship profile. In those days I would pass her by and look elsewhere in my chart for answers. I’d start at the 7th house to see what was happening there and what sign was on its house cusp. I’d ask myself. Where is its ruling planet? What sign is the planet in? Is it interacting with other planets or angles? Are those relationships easy and flowing or challenging and stressful? Is the 7th house occupied? If so what planets or angles are those planets engaging with? I was trying to figure out why my relationships were uncommunicative, unsatisfying, and a struggle. In staring at my chart I was looking at her but not seeing her. Mesmerized by a too close proximity to Pluto, the planet representing rebirth, I was unaware I was overlooking her closer conjoining with my Sun.

According to what I knew then her not being in direct motion wasn’t good. Adding to that, from a traditional astrological perspective she was further debilitated by being in Virgo. But conjunct to Pluto, the lord of death and transformation? Nothing about that could be good trumping any other considerations. I felt like Persephone before I knew who she was and what her myth meant. It became the overarching reason for why my relationships seemed to morph into some version of familiar hell.

Still early in my astrological education I comprehended what Pluto touches he transforms. Adjacent study of metaphysics supported that such a process was to be invited. In theory who doesn’t want to be enlightened? But for real, managing the emotional hits from “Pluto” learning experiences was, is hell. I seemed to have a reserved spot when it came to finances, esteem, and relationships. Add in frustration for not getting why I was unable to stop doing, being whatever was bringing the pain. I scapegoated Pluto while adding a nod begrudgingly to that infamous “some level” I supposed I was being helped. At some point in the internal war with him I just forgot about Venus. She slipped through the gaping chasms of my Pluto fear.

Time passed. It was easier connecting to the meaning of transiting retrogrades. They come and go. But when it’s encoded into your psychic DNA as in your astrological chart how do you identify it in your behavior? What good is all the information in the world if you don’t recognize it in who you are? You can know what something means but until you’ve lived it that’s description at best. I needed to go beyond concepts and theory to finding her in me. I hoped that day would come.

All the while I accumulated more understanding of her symbolism. Its representation of the feminine principal; what represents beauty to us; one’s aesthetic and personal values. I remember reading before somewhere a favorable aspect between Venus and Mars gave the ability to easily create what you want and supports the personal freedom to do what you will. Mine are both in Virgo but over fifteen degrees apart. I couldn’t help but feel abandonment for her. She was close yet so far from her champion.

Years later when my struggle to know receded to the background I heard my mentor respond to a question. When he casually mentioned that natal retrograde Venus indicated an inability to recognize one’s own beauty the mirror cracked. Something caved in internally. Times I’d be before the mirror looking for the person that had just been complimented for what I said, wrote or did; who I was or how I looked came flooding back to me. I didn’t hear what else was said. I was consumed by the feeling I always had when looking to see the one complimented in me and instead found her missing for me.

The opaque veil between us thinned. There was an empty space I hadn’t identified before. That was it! This was how a retrograde planet could be identified within you. It’s the emptiness. It’s the missing connection to what the planet represents in your sense of who you are. In Venus’s case the inability to experience the beauty in me and satisfaction in life was the blinking neon arrow hiding in plain sight. Vacant though it felt, it was she being as present as she could. How ironic that through my suffering misunderstood view of what I was missing I missed seeing she required from me what I was looking to others for.

Delving into this was a turning point. A retrograde planet requires you to give to yourself intentionally what it represents whether or not you think or feel you know what you are doing. You do it until you’ve established enough of a framework for you to feel connected to it. Then operate from what you have constructed within while adding to it.

Just as the first step to erect a new structure on the remains of an old one is to build a scaffold you do the same. The scaffold is the knowing and commitment to give the planet principle to you. The consistent doing so fills in the planet structure on the empty memory. When you have built out to where you can operate from, a natural shift occurs. At that point your structure is strong enough to dismantle the scaffold and support self-reliant expression.

Flash back. Long before that “aha” insight, Venus went direct by progression several weeks before I reached twenty-four. Thirteen years after that I remember noticing it when newly separated from my first husband. Deep in devastated disillusionment, I searched to find something in me that fit the descriptions of a retrograde Venus turned direct in motion. It was “déjà vu all over again” as Yogi Berra, the illustrious New York Yankee Manager, was known to say. I couldn’t.



Fast forward five years. I was taking another look. I recognized there had been a shift though in my grief it was imperceptible then. A few years after she progressed direct I went from not knowing I could have better relationships and feel better about myself to the revelation that I could choose to have exactly that.

How to make it so? Materializing that road took several more years even with teachers showing me the way via astrology and metaphysical understanding. I’ve been building that structure out one step at a time ever since.

How Juno Gets Jupiter In The End: The Charts

How Juno Gets Jupiter In The End: The Charts

Juno's mission to understand the origin and evolution of the gas giant Jupiter, how giant planets form and the role they play in creating the rest of the solar system gives our metaphorical Juno a once in a lifetime opportunity to allow her heart to heal around her relationship with Jupiter.

The sun in this chart is in Leo co-joined by Venus. Leaving Venus for the moment to honor the sun first, the identity, creative impulse and conscious choice of the mission and mythological Juno’s intent is to have a grand adventure of the heart and mind. With the sun located in the 10th house, the most public house in the chart her intentions are displayed before the world and the universe for all to see.

With sun at a 90 degree distance from Jupiter, in the challenging first quarter square aspect, this is a quest that has do or die meaning for her. She took this on to push the boundaries and habitual patterns of their relating, putting herself on the line, opting to hold nothing back so that a new way of being in relationship with her husband could be created.

With the Ascendant of the chart of Juno’s launch mid-way through Libra, the sign of relationship, we know we’re in the right territory when referring to the mythological goddess and her god. They have history. She has more learning ahead about him and her capacity to allow harmony within despite his behavior towards her.

Venus is Libra’s ruling planet. The sun represents the husband in a woman’s chart. In her approach to him mirroring her spacecraft’s approach to planet Jupiter, she is claiming her value and intention to join with him in a way that recognizes and satisfies her sense of selfworth. In the 10th house, the most public house in the chart, their reunion is being played out for all the world to see. That Venus is exactly 90 degrees, in a first quarter square position, to Jupiter tells us she is taking a stand for what she wants, balance and justice between them, consideration and respect from him.


Juno Launch Chart

Juno's Launch Chart

With Saturn exalted in Libra where he functions at his best and close to the Ascendant, this trip was a long time in the making, taking between 588 to 968 million miles to happen. That it is at an exact 60-degree beneficial sextile distance tells us the trip was blessed with good odds of success.

The asteroid Juno is located in the 12th house of the chart. This last area of life is a house operating at hidden subconscious levels. Among other meanings here is where we meet and atone for any past misuse of our abilities and choices. Planets in this house operate below the radar. What happens here seeds the next cycle of experience hiding the process until the seed is ready to sprout. Its reflecting her desire for resolution with the past in order to begin anew once she crosses over the Ascendant into the first house.

Complicating that goal is her involvement in a Cardinal Grand Cross configuration with Mars, Uranus and Pluto, three of the most energizing, challenging planet principles to exchange energy. A grand cross is when the four corners of a square have a planet occupying each corner. There is no outlet to let off steam. Instead an act of will to initiate action is needed to bring balance to the two see-sawing oppositions. It is a karmic opportunity to heal by meeting the cause of the pain and moving forward in the face of it.

Closest is an approaching square to Mars. She is initiating this action from the emotional desire to find peace and a new connection. Next closest is outer planet Uranus reflecting the internalized trauma from warring with her mate, the sense of being exiled from him and the intent to find the ability to set herself free. It’s also the innovative effort to make this possible in order to show us Jupiter’s secrets. Lastly, in a square to the furthest planet Pluto in the 3rd house, it’s about establishing new ground in cognitive awareness, communication and transforming her concrete knowledge in order to teach us what there is to learn.



With Mercury the planet of communication and education in the 11th house of long range plans at the very beginning of the sign Virgo this was clearly a journey requiring a lot of work and would not manifest results for quite a long time. New skills and know how was needed to achieve the goal represented by Neptune opposing her. At the last degree and minute of Aquarius this is the gathering of all experience learned, mastered or not into a vision of boundary breaking technical innovation; a new view of personal awakening and authenticity and dissolved barriers to higher self-awareness for Juno and for our understanding of our solar system neighborhood.

His opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, requires cooperation with a maverick’s potential for innovation and visionary thinking rather than repeating the known. As Mercury is approaching a beneficial 120-degree trine aspect to Pluto, Juno shows us the willingness to take on this goal of planned transformation; to be forever joined with him, merged into the nature of his ecosystem; reclaiming her worth by going after what she wants and in the process ironically creating for herself the respect and consideration she has demanded from him.