How To Love A Retrograde Venus

My natal Venus is retrograde. I used to be ashamed to admit I’m an astrologer and I still didn’t get her. I knew she was the go-to planet to begin comprehending one’s relationship profile. In those days I would pass her by and look elsewhere in my chart for answers....

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How Juno Gets Jupiter In The End: The Charts

Juno's mission to understand the origin and evolution of the gas giant Jupiter, how giant planets form and the role they play in creating the rest of the solar system gives our metaphorical Juno a once in a lifetime opportunity to allow her heart to heal around her...

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How Juno Gets Jupiter In The End, The Backstory

On the evening of our Independence Day, July 4th, a significant step forward in planetary science was achieved. After a five year journey to reach the largest planet in our solar system NASA’s Juno probe entered Jupiter’s orbit. Her mission, to understand the origin...

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