Juno's mission to understand the origin and evolution of the gas giant Jupiter, how giant planets form and the role they play in creating the rest of the solar system gives our metaphorical Juno a once in a lifetime opportunity to allow her heart to heal around her relationship with Jupiter.

The sun in this chart is in Leo co-joined by Venus. Leaving Venus for the moment to honor the sun first, the identity, creative impulse and conscious choice of the mission and mythological Juno’s intent is to have a grand adventure of the heart and mind. With the sun located in the 10th house, the most public house in the chart her intentions are displayed before the world and the universe for all to see.

With sun at a 90 degree distance from Jupiter, in the challenging first quarter square aspect, this is a quest that has do or die meaning for her. She took this on to push the boundaries and habitual patterns of their relating, putting herself on the line, opting to hold nothing back so that a new way of being in relationship with her husband could be created.

With the Ascendant of the chart of Juno’s launch mid-way through Libra, the sign of relationship, we know we’re in the right territory when referring to the mythological goddess and her god. They have history. She has more learning ahead about him and her capacity to allow harmony within despite his behavior towards her.

Venus is Libra’s ruling planet. The sun represents the husband in a woman’s chart. In her approach to him mirroring her spacecraft’s approach to planet Jupiter, she is claiming her value and intention to join with him in a way that recognizes and satisfies her sense of selfworth. In the 10th house, the most public house in the chart, their reunion is being played out for all the world to see. That Venus is exactly 90 degrees, in a first quarter square position, to Jupiter tells us she is taking a stand for what she wants, balance and justice between them, consideration and respect from him.


Juno Launch Chart

Juno's Launch Chart

With Saturn exalted in Libra where he functions at his best and close to the Ascendant, this trip was a long time in the making, taking between 588 to 968 million miles to happen. That it is at an exact 60-degree beneficial sextile distance tells us the trip was blessed with good odds of success.

The asteroid Juno is located in the 12th house of the chart. This last area of life is a house operating at hidden subconscious levels. Among other meanings here is where we meet and atone for any past misuse of our abilities and choices. Planets in this house operate below the radar. What happens here seeds the next cycle of experience hiding the process until the seed is ready to sprout. Its reflecting her desire for resolution with the past in order to begin anew once she crosses over the Ascendant into the first house.

Complicating that goal is her involvement in a Cardinal Grand Cross configuration with Mars, Uranus and Pluto, three of the most energizing, challenging planet principles to exchange energy. A grand cross is when the four corners of a square have a planet occupying each corner. There is no outlet to let off steam. Instead an act of will to initiate action is needed to bring balance to the two see-sawing oppositions. It is a karmic opportunity to heal by meeting the cause of the pain and moving forward in the face of it.

Closest is an approaching square to Mars. She is initiating this action from the emotional desire to find peace and a new connection. Next closest is outer planet Uranus reflecting the internalized trauma from warring with her mate, the sense of being exiled from him and the intent to find the ability to set herself free. It’s also the innovative effort to make this possible in order to show us Jupiter’s secrets. Lastly, in a square to the furthest planet Pluto in the 3rd house, it’s about establishing new ground in cognitive awareness, communication and transforming her concrete knowledge in order to teach us what there is to learn.



With Mercury the planet of communication and education in the 11th house of long range plans at the very beginning of the sign Virgo this was clearly a journey requiring a lot of work and would not manifest results for quite a long time. New skills and know how was needed to achieve the goal represented by Neptune opposing her. At the last degree and minute of Aquarius this is the gathering of all experience learned, mastered or not into a vision of boundary breaking technical innovation; a new view of personal awakening and authenticity and dissolved barriers to higher self-awareness for Juno and for our understanding of our solar system neighborhood.

His opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, requires cooperation with a maverick’s potential for innovation and visionary thinking rather than repeating the known. As Mercury is approaching a beneficial 120-degree trine aspect to Pluto, Juno shows us the willingness to take on this goal of planned transformation; to be forever joined with him, merged into the nature of his ecosystem; reclaiming her worth by going after what she wants and in the process ironically creating for herself the respect and consideration she has demanded from him.





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